Napa County Real Estate December 2019 Report

Bay Area Median Home Prices and Bay Area County Market Size. By number of annual sales, Napa County is the smallest county market in the Bay Area.

Market Seasonality: New Listings
Coming on Market

The market is now deep into its seasonal plunge in activity, which hits its nadir in December. (This chart is updated through October. November saw its usual big drop in new listing activity.)

Bay Area Markets for Homes of $5 Million+

This chart compares the number of $5m+ listings in MLS in October 2019 to the total number of $5m+ sales reported to MLS in the 12 months through October. For a county market of its size, Napa’s numbers are high. The number of active listings is running very high.

Median Home Price Trends since 1996

This chart is an estimated calculation of median home price trends by an algorithm created for that purpose. Long-term St. Helena data is not available from this data source – though its median prices are typically the highest in Napa and Sonoma Counties. As always, these numbers should be considered very general approximations of prices in markets often containing homes of widely varying size and quality. Many Napa County markets are very small, which always makes these calculations more prone to anomalous fluctuations.

Median Dollar per Square Foot Values

Selected Market Indicators

The following 6 charts review supply and demand dynamics from a variety of angles – by county and by city. In the comparative city statistics, a number of factors are at play, including location, of course, general price range, and the size of the second-home market.

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